So much of life is out of control right now, so if there is something we can control, why not? When it comes to personal style, it’s completely up to us.

I have been thinking a lot about what we need versus what we buy thoughtlessly because it’s so easy to push a button. The quarantine months have given me time to take stock of habits that I hope to revise. I intend to move forward in a thoughtful and deliberate way when making choices and purchases. When I scheme a space for a design project, I select each item and fabric as parts of a whole. I want to do the same with my personal style.

I’m launching this new series—GPS (Get Polished Style)—to make the path from point A to point stylish as simple as possible. I’ll show you my edited selections from the latest in fashion, as well as tried-and-true classics. When we finally venture out and you want new pieces to help you feel updated and refreshed, you will find them all here. The best part? Everything I show you is shoppable. If you covet something, you’re only a couple of clicks away from an addition to your personal style library. I will offer ease of style and ease of accessibility.

Most years, I cannot wait to put away my coats and jackets, but this year, even more so. This spring, of course, has bestowed an amplified version of the desire to be out and about. I can’t wait to move directly to easy summer dressing. I am already feeling the casual, fun vibe of crisp, light fabrics and a little flounce.

Under quarantine conditions, many of us have given up on dressing up. We’ve taken to a wardrobe of whatever we worked out in that morning followed by anything with an elastic waist. My lineup of lightweight blouses and dresses is begging to be worn. I would love a couple of new chic pieces to accent my existing favorites and bring the 2020 vibe up a notch. When we are able to leave the house to do something social, it can be in a feel-good-about-yourself, slightly updated look.

For me this might include wedge espadrilles paired with a feminine dress. I have always preferred summer looks and floral prints that feel like happy, warm weather to the boots and sweaters of cooler seasons.

Comfortable, not constricting clothes set a cheerful, relaxed tone as we ease safely out of quarantine. In this time of venturing into a world with different parameters for working, socializing, and seeing friends, why not dress to feel good? I am in love with this gossamer floral dress from Zimmerman. I will style it with a timeless wicker clutch and be lunch-ready for a small gathering with close friends.