I am a summer girl through and through. I adore being outdoors steeped in warm rays, hot sand, clear water, and breezy air. You will find me hanging around in a refreshing turquoise swimming pool, body surfing the crisp rough Atlantic, hiking New York mountains with vistas of lush green peaks, or wandering a verdant golf course on even the hottest afternoons.

Here, my best summertime activities and adventures are honed into a color-saturated design scheme that speaks to the season’s pastimes. I created a mood board that touches all my senses to evoke the month of July. I find myself looking toward the intense yellow of sunshine, cool aqua of a glistening sea, variegated puffs of ‘Limelight’ hydrangeas, and crisp white canvas of a beach umbrella. I imagined the colors of this scheme mixing tactile materials, such as hand-printed fabrics with the cool touch of a marble bowl. They capture the informality of walking barefoot on limed wood floors.



You might have noticed that blues and greens are a constant in my interiors. If those blues are the hue of the Mediterranean and are complemented with fresh lime greens, there’s no better accent than a bright burst of yellow.



There are many ways to bring these juicy hues to your own summer space in a cheerful refresh or additional layer. For a big splash that will transform any sitting area to a warm-weather haven, add this lettuce green velvet sofa with cream colored welt. Throw in a rich leather turquoise Moroccan pouf and yellow throw pillows. A pair of turquoise-color glass lamps that I found on Amazon would look so fresh on either side of the sofa. The vibrant tones are bound to cheer up a living room that’s been on lockdown. Consider setting your table with Schumacher and Williams Sonoma’s tree-of-life-inspired blue-and-green floral tablecloth.

Enjoy July and its outdoor summer bounty while it’s here. I hope you can find lasting color to bring indoors as well.