The 1960s were a period of growth and change in American history. Evolution and social progress swept through the decade. Along with that change came a modern movement in both fashion and design that continues to influence our aesthetic today.

Gone were the days of crisply structured matching rooms and outfits. Fashion and interiors became more exuberant, colorful, and even rebellious. This is the decade when the mini skirt (often worn with white go-go boots) first appeared. “Mod” girls wore the now-iconic bold floral prints in pinks, oranges, and bright yellows by designers such as Emilio Pucci. Lilly Pulitzer’s vibrant tropical hues emerged in this moment too.

We are once again going through tumultuous times and changes in the U.S., and the fashion and interiors space reflects the 1960s vibe. This juicy mood board is inspired by the go-go girls of the 1960s but is completely appropriate for today.

Dive into the groovy color palette and funky patterns that define an era of change. My inspiration captures the best of that decade and pulls it forward. Fresh color combos, free-spirited patterns, and textures deepen the impact of the materials. I selected home and fashion pieces to add a little “Jackie O in Capri” flair.

For the home, curling rattan, and shapely ceramics cast distinctive silhouettes. On fabrics, loose zigzags and geometric curves in eclectic colors blend sophisticated and funky. Straight lines with soft edges bring definition and simplicity to furniture pieces. Together, the colors, textures, and patterns display the freewheeling individuality of the era.

For the wardrobe, florals in vivid colors rule the closet. Abstract patterns embrace the color theme too. From head to toe, in bags, jewelry, and shoes, wicker and other woven materials make standout statements—often with floral-inspired shapes or decoration. For me, my favorite Pucci sunglasses, a pair of white beaded earrings, and a citrusy array of fabrics balance it all out.

While fashion is not the central focus during these unprecedented times, the looks inspired by the best of the 1960s inject a dose of individuality and self-confidence.