Days are getting shorter, and last week’s weather let us know who was in charge with a barrage of rain, cold, and gloom. While no one can face boots quite yet, I did step away from my slides and sandals to pop into my favorite new clogs and trusted flats. Just like that it wasn’t the middle of summer anymore, and the little adjustments to my outfits felt appropriate.

The good news is the wet weather came to an end, and the last gasps of sunny summer are back. Streaming sunshine, to be exact, is cheerfully making each day reach September splendor. True, the sunlight is not the balmy kind. I am eking out the last days of floaty dresses and sleeveless tops while finally looking forward to wearing jeans and sweaters. As I think about hosting, celebrating, and dining, that’s an ensemble that is sure to be freeing. It’s perfect as I set the table and transport food, hopefully outside, for one more moment of alfresco dining.

Here’s the good news about sweaters. They have caught up to the charming and delicate embellished spring and summer frocks of 2020. This fall, charming sweaters are stitched with the same frills that make a piece feel feminine, such as puffed sleeves, embroidery, and ombré. If I am feeling a little dressier than jeans, my go-to is a jean jacket with a tiered dress or floral skirt in tones that reflect fall palettes.

Speaking of florals, if you’ve never considered them on your leather goods, you can now! I am obsessed with the knee-high boots from Tory Burch that keep this season from being too rugged. So many great new pieces are out there. Although there aren’t many events on our fall calendar, I have curated a grouping perfect for fall living at home or with friends.

Life feels a bit less formal these days but I still love to pick an outfit before a gathering. Before fashion though, comes food. I always consider the season, the week, and even the weather when I plan the menu. My friends who are reading this will correctly anticipate well-seasoned chicken, meat, and fish dishes with lots of side salads and plenty of fresh vegetables. I love a great salad, and fall means that I can add the bright color of butternut squash to the other veggies. I can’t wait to try the Harvest Blackberry and Butternut Squash Massaged Kale Salad from Fit Foodie Finds. The veggies will continue with the One-Pan Balsamic Chicken and Veggies from Clean Food Crush.

September days are gorgeous. The picture-perfect setting of bright blue skies skimming treetops that tease with the first signs of foliage color lead me to recharge my wardrobe and my food. The best news about September is that it offers so many options. It’s a transitional month. Perfect for one last wear of a floral dress—perhaps with a feminine jean jacket or cozy sweater in the morning. It’s time to devour heirloom tomatoes ripened to sweet, juicy bliss and get ready to revisit the hearty melded components slow cooking. Whatever you wear and whatever you cook, there’s no doubt that September will satisfy.