We all spend a lot of time on our devices these days, especially since we are doing less in-person shopping and traveling. Sometimes my husband, Mike, asks what on earth I am looking at all the time.

Well, while I am frequently working from my iPad and iPhone, I am also gathering information. Typically, I find design inspiration while traveling to cities, visiting the design markets, and back home in the Northeast. Now, I am getting a lot of fresh inspiration and even finding new vendors on Instagram and Pinterest.

The Magnolia Company, based on a Florida farm that dates from the 1800s, recently popped up on my radar. They craft magnolia decorations and wreaths for houses in every part of the country. Who doesn’t love a beautiful magnolia?

For a couple of weeks each May, we enjoy the magnolia variety that produces sweet-smelling pink-and-white blooms. Although the window is short, the joy that the trees evoke is everlasting. The South presents a different species of magnolias: The ones that bear shiny green on one side of the leaves and matte coppery brown on the other. Their flowers are elegant white and leave me wishing that they were friendly to my growing zone.

The Magnolia Company ensures that magnolias, in wreath and garland form anyway, are possible for everyone. The classics are basic foundations ready to be adorned with a colorful wide bow or left to shine in their simplicity. I personally love their interpretations of fall and the holidays. In fact, this Christmas, passersby in my neighborhood just might see one of these beauties adorning my front door for a festive dose of curb appeal.

The Magnolia Company’s seasonal selections cover a wide range. Some are natural with simple winter greens tucked between the leaves. Others are full-blown Christmas. Made of magnolia leaves, artichokes, pomegranates, berries, and boxwood, the Christmas offerings cut to the chase that Santa is on his way.

And here’s a little holiday decorating secret. If the title “fashionista” describes you, I recommend checking out The Magnolia Company’s collection of lacquered wreaths. These statement-making decorations are reminiscent of patent leather shoes or freshly manicured nails with a sleek coat of glossy polish. Especially if your style fast-tracks to modern, this contemporary lacquered look might turn heads in the same way that a new shimmery cocktail dress will at a party. The Magnolia Company doesn’t miss a beat.

We know that the time for wreaths is approaching fast. The truth is it’s here now. But since many of us are still in the planning stages, it’s not too late to consider this purveyor of holiday spirit. Cheers to your front doors. And keep an eye on this blog. As we get closer to the holidays, I’ll share my ideas for what happens inside those doors too.