The horse bit, a triple stripe of green and red, and a bamboo handle are just a few of the ubiquitous motifs popularized by one brand.

Gucci, the pioneering yet sexy Florentine brand known for leather goods and high-end fashion, has surged to the top again. As a lifelong horse lover, I have always loved Gucci’s references to all things equestrian. Adored by everyone from Jackie O to Billie Eilish, in 2015 it reintroduced its famed GG “Marmont” logo. These days you see it on women young and old, and it has likely caught your eye as shiny brass hardware on belts and bags. The 19th century fashion of wearing a brooch or cameo has been replaced with an updated version: A bee motif, a brass lion, or a horse enhanced with the logo hardware or other decorative detail.

It’s no surprise that this legendary marker of luxury has lasted (Did I mentioned Gucci celebrates the BIG 1-0-0 in 2021?). The first Gucci revival came with the hiring of prodigy Tom Ford in the 1990s. He has proved himself an arbiter of style and for years has boasted his own brand of opulence. Gucci, 21st century, decade No. 3, has continued to be a style disruptor: unexpected color combinations, stamped-in-gold lions and tigers, oversize flowers that make gardens wearable, and horse-bit hardware. With an eye on pop culture as well as high fashion, there is humor in this spring’s tongue-in-cheek collaboration with everyone’s cute friend, who’s also nearing the century point: Mickey Mouse. That’s right. Pedigreed meets playful when the classic Marmont is topped with depictions of the world-famous mouse.

The brilliance of Gucci is the brand’s ability to call upon its archives to give new life to timeless motifs. Gucci repurposes and rescales its iconic forms into updated, fresh, and edgy versions of the age-old looks.

Gucci pieces can be trendy and classic at once. If you feel like a splurge, it’s likely something you will use for years. There is enough versatility in the pieces to appeal to everyone’s individual style, and it’s fun to splurge on a piece that we know will stand the test of time. I adore the quality, style, and versatility of Gucci. I inherited my grandmother’s 1960s classic bamboo-handle bag in navy, which I love to carry to this day. I also cherish a vintage Gucci enamel buckle bracelet that my mom wore in the 1970s.

Here are some of my favorite current pieces from and inspired by Gucci. If you want the look without the hefty price tag, I have included a couple of chic picks that are stylishly inspired by Gucci.

It is also possible to find vintage Gucci on The Real Real, eBay, and Etsy with friendlier price tags than buying new. I have a feeling the spirit of Gucci will be inspiring looks and design for many more years.