2020 has turned all of our world upside down, pets included. Soon after we were all assigned to at-home status, shelters emptied and households grew, with families adding furry new members to their clan at a record rate. Those of us with pets before the pandemic had animals that ruled the roost. They happily frolicked among the house for eight hours plus and missed their owners while we were away at work and school. Then to the joy and surprise of the pets, we all ended up at home giving them unending love and cuddles throughout the day. Now the peaceful existence that our four-legged friends once enjoyed is occasionally interrupted by Zoom calls, never-ending trips to the kitchen, and a takeover of the house that really belonged to them during daytime hours.

This holiday, I want to give our dog, Parker, a little extra TLC. We already bestowed a bouncing baby sister to her back in September. We traveled to Colorado and fetched our newest love, Minnie. We now have double the chaos and double the cuteness in our home. Temptations are challenged when I see all of the great merchandise suited to make their lives cheerful.

There is an abundance of great looking pet accoutrements on the market now. Design and fashion are always top-of-mind for me, so it doesn’t take much for a chic dog bed to turn my head. There are wonderful material choices this year such as rattan or wood. And the sleek and minimalist modern versions are sure to make a dog live like Saarinen. Personally, I take my affection for monogram to my pet products, too, and mark our dogs’ rest-and-relaxation territories with beds that bear their names. And for fashion, the hype for sweater weather makes a vogue translation to dog apparel.

The choice is yours. Whether you delight in the sight of your furry children jumping for joy as they chew on a basket full of toys, or you light up with a smile when seeing them looking their best in new clothes, don’t forget your pets this Christmas.