I know what you are thinking. Didn’t we all spend the early days of quarantine getting organized? That very well may have been the case, but there’s always room for a facelift, especially when it comes to keeping our belongings in order. Because let’s be honest, more time at home over the past nine months meant more time to let things land in disarray.

Chances are you’ve already attacked the big stuff by filling your garbage bins and racing to donate your castoffs during that window when everyone’s used treasures were being accepted. But quarantine life has ushered new activity into our homes. First, there’s that work-from-home thing. We’ve transformed our dining room and breakfast tables into part-time desks, and elevated home offices into harder working ones. Not only do we need folders and boxes, binder clips and Post-it notes to keep documents for current projects straight, but we also want our tools to look good. Whoever would have thought that our at-home workspaces would be on full display over our computer screens as we Zoom?

Next, let’s address the kitchen and dining situation. Whether your family went into full-on cooking mode for every meal every day, invited take-out in here and there, or satisfied your sweet tooth by baking the occasional (or regular) box of brownies, I know your kitchen has gotten a high-intensity workout. Pantry needs were likely heightened, and you may have needed more storage containers and dinnerware that matched. Your kitchen cabinets and storage areas just might be yearning for a thoughtful tidy-up to make it ready for the new year.

Finally, there are the new hobbies. Maybe you tapped into your inner artist by taking painting or drawing classes (virtually, of course, on YouTube), or dusted off the golf clubs in your garage for what was seemingly the safest outdoor activity that naturally invited social distancing. The point is the past year left plenty of time to engage in a new hobby and refamiliarize with an old one. The supplies and the gear needed to assist with our leisure time preferences could probably use new containers to separate acrylics from oils or Titleist balls from their Callaway counterparts.

Completing an organizing project always makes me feel so accomplished. Order is good for the soul, it manages my time, and with so much stylish inventory, I get to be creative and design for purposes that are not only pretty, but functional, too. I love perusing the stock of products that will help regulate everything that I have to accomplish along with those things that I want to do. Below, I’m sharing some of my favorite picks to help life go a little more smoothly. I hope they inspire you not only to get tasks in order, but to do it with style. Because no matter what space is calling for our help, in the end we want it to be beautiful.