As I gaze outside of the window at our frozen earth that’s hiding dormant under a crystalline blanket of snow, I am reminded of the rituals we adhere to each January. While not as abundant as the age-old traditions of the holiday season, this is a time when less overt rites of passage are performed to welcome another year. January is the coldest month in many places, and most of us are confined to the warmth of indoors. After taking down the tree and packing up the Christmas decorations, I usually look around and want to refresh our interiors and amend the way that I dress. The newness of the year brings the promise of beginnings, a clean slate and a clean palate in all areas of life. The ritual of New Year’s resolutions gives us hope for improvement and a road map of updates and changes to make throughout the year.

January involves organizing and streamlining many aspects of our home and office lives. My design eye also goes to a simple, uncomplicated scheme. This cold, quiet time inspired me to assemble a mood board in a palette that evokes the feeling of a fresh start. The visual of our white frozen landscape led me to compile a collection of items in the crispest of colors: blue and white. Here, it’s a symbol of January’s frosted, wintry world.

The palette is rooted in the cool side of the color wheel. Pure whites and crisp azures are reminiscent of the regal Rocky Mountains that press against the sky on a shining bluebird day. I imagine skiing among these majestic peaks and being humbled by the vast range before taking a deep breath and making my way down a powdery precipice. Up there, it feels as if I am on top of the world.

Blue and white make a classic pairing that naturally works well both in interiors and in fashion. In January, it feels appropriate to slip on a blue-and-white striped shirt and winter white pants or trousers that are finished off by clean white sneakers with a metallic accent. After an abundance of rich tartans, velvets, and party embellishments in December, it feels nice to cleanse the palette. A monochrome outfit of an aqua cashmere sweater paired with light blue joggers can be the perfect stay-at-home ensemble for a frigid January night. Throw on a fleecy slipper and you may never want to go outdoors again. I also love reinterpreting the classics. For instance, I’ll pair a trendy pearl initial pendant with a coordinating necklace of turquoise and pearls to accessorize a blue-and-white outfit. This edit leans towards crisper, simpler dressing that can take me from the tundra to the tropics where I happen to be heading next month for a trip to Florida.

Similarly, I have imagined a sitting room with shades of blue. Grounded by an aqua velvet sofa and an ethereal painting of clouds, I imagine a sparkly silver mirror and a mother of pearl pendant light hanging nearby. This piece can be flanked by a classic navy-and-white garden seat and a striped stool to give it movement and personality. A rug will ground the scheme and give it depth while keeping the palette monochromatic.

January is cold! Now, with the pandemic in full force again, consider adding some bright blues and whites to your edit for a tried-and-true scheme.