I know what you are thinking. The holiday season wrapped up just six weeks ago, and here we are again shopping to buy gifts. Valentine’s Day usually starts with a card and a scripted sentiment that declares love and affection. And that’s certainly enough. But for that admirer who wants to elevate his gift game, I have some ideas that are sure to melt someone’s heart and show your love. For occasions like this one, I am sharing some things that I would love to give and receive.

Let’s start with color. Pink has always been relevant in my book. Perhaps it was once reserved for all things girly, but the sweet color made its way onto the runway and into the home. And at this point, we love it as a suitable staple for adults. Pink has always been a favorite of mine, and I’ve never shied away from it. But if you’re not sure about the gift recipient’s affinity for this feminine hue, usher in small doses so that nothing seems overwhelming. A trinket of jewelry or a token accessory signifies the holiday without making a daring commitment. Personally, I can’t get enough from vibrant, pattered scarves. They are versatile and infuse a solid-colored dress with shots of personality or a pair of denim and a white shirt with a layer of luxury.

I also simply adore anything that comes in the shape of a heart, the ultimate Valentine’s Day symbol. So right now, as I dress for the day, it’s a safe bet that I’ll complete my look with a heart pendant. I acquired a collection of pretty ones for my shop that I know will hang from the necks of ladies who are as devoted to this holiday as much as I am. Other smalls such as compacts, sweet little leather goods, and shapely sunglasses make sure that the heart gift is easy to have on you at all times.

Chances are your Valentine’s Day will be without the fanfare of an over-the-top restaurant meal in 2021. I know that I have an intimate, at-home dinner planned for Mike and me to toast this day of love. Maybe afterwards, we’ll take in one of our favorite romantic movies, and I’ll want to be comfortable. Soft comfy clothes and fuzzy slippers are sure to make movie-watching warm and cozy. Of course, the ambience of the experience will be heightened by the scent of a burning candle or an arrangement of flowers. Locally, I have confidence that Mike might surprise me with flowers from either Wildflower or Lux Farm. (I hope you are reading this, Mike).

Finally, regardless of who the recipient is, don’t forget to write something personal. You’ll need stylish stationery to do that. I love the playful designs of Oh So Grand.

A gift of course, is never required to show someone that you care. No matter if you’re choosing traditional chocolates and roses, something personal like a piece of jewelry, or a simple card and a kiss to bestow on your dearest, just make sure that the sentiment behind your gift is love.