There are so many reasons to love wicker furniture. I return time and again to the tactile, natural, woven pieces that add personality and texture to a room. Whether painted or in its natural brown color, wicker feels relaxed and often balances out a formal space with its lighthearted handmade spirit. While first popularized in Victorian England, wicker was brought to the United States on the Mayflower and became a common addition to American Interiors. In the 1960s, we most often saw wicker relegated to summer houses and the tropics, but wicker has become de rigeur in the American household. Today we see it all over the place, available at many price points. Here, its big personality inspired my colorful vignette.

One of my favorite wicker pieces is this console that mimics a skirted table. I built an abundant vignette around it to highlight this furniture piece filled with movement and texture. Imagine this vignette in a variety of locations: as an entry table, against a wall in a living room, or at the end of a long hallway that beckons you from the other end. The undulating base is soft and welcoming and would complement a variety of furniture forms surrounding it. Be bold when choosing wicker. Find a neutral and natural tone such as this piece, for example, to play off of and ground vibrant artwork. Here, I placed a swirling paisley silk scarf framed as artwork above the wicker. Keep the wicker look current and alive by adding a layered assortment of flowers and plants. Sprays of hydrangeas that burst from blue-and-white urns, delicate ferns, and colored orchids pop from different heights along the console. A charming porcelain parrot peeks out at us from behind the fern.

To make sure there is a balance to the overall scheme so that the art isn’t overpowering, add some color below it, too. My favorite stack of vibrant Assouline travel books does the trick here and brings a pile of color to the area below the scarf. I love the way the warm and bright book spines pull the colors from above. The antique, black-lacquered hall chairs bookend the console defining it and contrasting the free form with geometric lines.

There are many ways to bring a piece of wicker into your home. Whether it’s a console such as this one, a traditional pair of Bar Harbor armchairs, a set of classic dining chairs, or a scrolly bed frame, be confident that wicker is not only appropriate but fresh and welcome in any room, and in any season.