Flowers are blooming, and the grass is as green as can be and we approach May Day with the embrace of a lush spring landscape. This time of year inspires me to design with fabrics that depict flowers and growth. You might have noticed my penchant for the color green. I’ve always considered green to be a neutral that can be complemented with so many other colors, making it a natural go-to when dreaming up a scheme.

Here, my mood board starts with grassy greens that speak of early spring and ground the warmer tones in the palette. The textured, green-and-white geometric from Quadrille sets the backdrop for the burst of pink tulips that are printed on bright white cotton. A classic pink geometric print and a yellow-and-white cross-hatch pattern play off the movement in the tulip fabric. The rest of the objects—a lime green tile, a marbleized ceramic bowl, a darling chain of felted flowers, and a nosegay of daisies and roses—support and complement the greens adding texture, shine, and innocent charm. If you have known me a long time, maybe even since childhood, you might agree that pink-and-green have been a part of my design vocabulary forever. Here, adding a ray of sunshine yellow on a lacquered wood sample for a custom Oomph piece, keeps the scheme from being too childlike and elevates it to sunny sophistication. In my own bedroom, the cornice and curtain panels are made of a drippy green print, while the tulip print is used to cover my upholstered bed frame. Here are some selections that I have pulled together to create a spring room inspired by this petal, grass, and sunshine-colored mood board.