I love to play parlor games. When I was growing up, we had backgammon, cards, and other games around the house to play with family and friends. Now, my friends and I have been known to sit for hours around the pool on a Sunday afternoon playing Mexican Train Dominos. These are the classics, and we all have a favorite. Perhaps due to all of the time we spent at home over the past year and a half, parlor games are certainly making a comeback. This time around checkers, chess, backgammon, dominos, and more can be found in both stylish and fun designs.

At home, I keep games close by and at the ready so if we have some time as a family to hang out on the weekends or after dinner, we can play a game of backgammon or get a friendly game of Texas Hold ’em going.  My friends at Mark & Graham have made strategic moves to be a strong contender in the category of cool games. And remember, they can all be personalized. My cocktail table looks so chic with a display of Mark and Graham’s hip versions of traditional favorites, which come housed in acrylic cases with color-saturated pieces.



Is poker your thing? Mark & Graham has you covered there, too. Also contained in an acrylic box, the poker set shows chips in atypical modern hues of orange, teal, yellow, and aqua, with two decks of playing cards. The happy palette sure does make it difficult to keep a poker face. You can’t help but crack a smile.

The domino and pokers set happen to be two of my favorites, but Mark & Graham has won me over with their many other offerings. Whether perusing the inventory to ramp up your own game collection or to give as a gift, they have wonderful examples of chess and checkers, tic-tac-toe, tumbling towers, and backgammon that can all be personalized. Whether you choose a three-letter monogram or want to spell out an entire surname, personalization is sure to score big.

I know that I’m a little early, but I can’t help but acknowledge that summer’s warm climate has peaked and will be falling into the “cool” camp soon. When it’s time to stay inside with a sweater and a hot beverage, consider introducing a new game to your family or giving an upgrade to one that you already love. Good luck!