I’ll be the first to admit that a little bit of trend sneaks its way into my closet each season. As a person who is inspired by the world of design, be it for home or fashion, I am always drawn to what’s current, fresh, and relevant. However, as time evolves, I realize that more often than not, I return to the same classic pieces year after year. These pieces are the foundation of my personal style.

A blue blazer and well-cut pair of jeans can take a girl anywhere. This combo can transition from travel, to dinner, or even a meeting. I’ll dress it up with heels or a wedge or give it a more casual kick with my comfy Stubbs & Wootton https://stubbsandwootton.com slippers.

These aren’t the only pieces that I consider to be classics. There are others that I rely on each year, too, and occasionally add an updated version to keep things fresh. Understanding what my preferences are, creates a wardrobe that stands the test of time and is easy to build upon. Having my favorites to pull from in my closet lets me always walk out the door with confidence. So, as you define what your own personal style is, I’m sharing my list of the classics that define my style.

Well-tailored navy blazer and crisp-and-simple blue jeans. Wear them together like shown above or separate them for plenty of alternative looks. Everyone likely has more than one pair of denim, but my newest favorites are the Hustler cut from Mother.

Pair of cowboy boots. Every now and then, there’s an occasion when a touch of western works. I have a red lizard pair of cowboy boots that took me through college and beyond. They are comfy, classic, and look great with skirts or jeans, tucked in or out. Kick it up with a color that’s a little bold like my red ones, or if that’s too much, basic black and brown with a touch of contrast stitching will turn heads, too.

Denim jacket. No different than jeans, denim jackets come in so many cuts. My current favorite is feminine, cropped with a puff sleeve, and a bit dressier which I love. Some of my friends have several jean jackets in various lengths and colors as they work so well with summer dresses, skirts, and colored denim, too.

Quilted jacket for cooler temps. You’ll see me sporting my Barbour quilted jacket every spring and fall. Below is an updated version that I’m coveting.

Cashmere cardigan in a neutral color. Speaking of cooler temps, there’s nothing more versatile for comfort than cashmere. The not-too-heavy but ultra-warm material provides just enough warmth without being bulky. I keep one at the office to slip over summer dresses if the AC gets too cool. I also keep one in the car, and many times I prefer to wear a cashmere cardigan instead of a jacket.

A maxi dress and/or skirt. I think that versatility is key when building a wardrobe, and even in a statement pattern, a maxi dress or skirt can go so many ways. Make it casual with a t-shirt or for dressier occasions, pair it with a ruffled blouse. That jean jacket and blazer that I mentioned above? They can be another layering piece to go with a maxi skirt, too.

Don’t forget that a wardrobe does not stop with clothing. I just adore accessories and they can be timeless and worn over and over again. Accessories are personal. Most of the time an investment piece is an item that works with many different looks.

Great sunglasses. I have had eye problems for years and need to wear sunglasses even when it’s overcast, so I have not felt too guilty about the number of pairs that I have amassed. I own several pairs that I love to mix and match. A classic pair with good lenses can last forever if you don’t lose them first!

Signature piece of jewelry. There is jewelry that we buy for fun and other pieces that rarely if ever leave our bodies. Such is the case with my gold, hand-monogrammed disc with tiny diamonds. I have been wearing it for 20 years after receiving it as a gift for my 30th birthday. I switch my jewelry around as I love to change my look from time to time. But I always come back to this one piece.

Signature Fragrance. Style should be personal as it affects all the senses. I never leave the closet without a spritz of fragrance each day. My most beloved is Frederick Maille L’Eau Hiver https://www.fredericmalle.com  in the cooler months, and Frederick Malle Eau de Magnolia in the summer months. It’s fun to build a fragrance wardrobe of different types of scents but choose one or two that are your signatures, that people know from their subtlety that you are in the room.

Beauty products. Whether you are a full-on makeup kind of person, or prefer to keep it simple, skincare and cosmetics fall under personal style, too. My hair is dry from being color-treated and thick so I love Oribe gold lust oil. Every day, I smooth it on my ends and it is quickly absorbed. A little goes a long way and I use it all the time.

I encourage you to make a list of your own wardrobe go-to’s. It will help you as you consider new items. You may find yourself editing those pieces that you love but might be best left in the store before taking them home with you. Having your own classic personal favorites in your collection makes life a little simpler and that’s what it’s all about. So, next time you’re doing a little shopping, consider buying something that fits into your own category of a classic and take on the world with style. Your style.