I’m always intrigued by the methods that people use to mark where they’ve been and what they love. There are photographs, of course. That goes without saying. But people also collect trinkets, artwork, and books about the places they’ve visited or topics that interest them. My approach to memories includes the ability to wear all my loves at the same time when I secure my gold charm bracelet around my wrist.



I started collecting charms for this chain over 20 years ago, but some of the charms on my bracelet belonged to my grandmother. These miniature memories are so much more tactile than a photo. I experience a feeling of sentimentality and history every time the collection on the chain has grown. The bracelet I chose was a vintage favorite before I started adding more charms. It was already meaningful before it became the foundation of my charm bracelet. Now, years later, it’s a jeweled scrapbook of golden icons depicting many of my favorites from a double-decker bus that commemorates our years living in London, to a Nantucket basket that recalls my childhood summers on the storied island. It’s great fun for me to think about when I chose where each new charm would hang on the chain, playing close to its dangling neighbors. Then there is its feel. When wearing the piece, I find myself hearing the charms and without looking down I know I’m carrying a lifetime of memories with me. Often, the jingle of the charms mingling together is a lovely reminder of places where I spent time, dogs that have been part of our family, sports I play, and even my favorite cocktail and dessert.

Travel is one great reason to start a charm bracelet. But you don’t have to fly to Hawaii or Paris to start piecing together your bauble. Do you love music? Find a charm that depicts your favorite instrument or musical notes to commemorate a concert with your significant other. A monogrammed disc bearing your children’s names or initials, or the date of an anniversary will pull your heartstrings every day. Or collect letter charms to spell out a word like “love.” There are so many options for charm bracelets now at all price points. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to represent you.

Find a chain that speaks to you then start collecting minis to fill it. It will be the most charming way to tell your story. And there’s nothing more classic to you than that.