Lately, I have been feeling as if things aren’t always as they seem.

We are led to believe that the internet removes the guesswork and does our thinking for us. I disagree. The internet did get me thinking though.

The dictionary definition of education does not include the word exposure. But true education comes from being exposed to something, anything…everything!

Exposure is the world’s greatest institution of learning. Sometimes we learn unintentionally through exposure. Sometimes when we are exposed to something different, we learn purposefully. Maybe I can help you be more mindful of unexpected learning experiences.

As a designer, my job is to expose myself and observe. I soak up the latest trends and innovations in kitchens and bathrooms or new fabric and furniture collections. I seek out good design and beautiful surroundings during my travels. The peripheral moments—not-so-exotic locations, time volunteering for meaningful nonprofits, and day-to-day activities—all matter and contribute to my exposure as well. It all influences and feeds this thing called creativity.

I am launching this blog to expose you to what I see. Of course, we will talk design nitty-gritty. I will lend my tips for creating a balanced furniture scheme and show you how I can quickly shift an empty table into a come-right-over for dinner table setting. I also want you to see my world in its full and dynamic glory. Sometimes elegant, sometimes casual, but always relevant. I will share travel that will have you booking flights. You will meet the creative posse that contributes to my designs. You will be moved by artwork that has no purpose other than to enchant.

As I mentioned, the internet doesn’t erase my thought process, it enhances it. I hope this new blog does the same for you: informs, inspires, and exposes you to a world of visual and emotional beauty.

Grab a notebook (or Pinterest or Evernote, whichever you use) and make yourself a cup of tea. I am about to expose you to my aesthetic world.