The front door and the entrance through it have meaning—that an experience is about to begin. And personally, I think that every time a front door is crossed it should be a special. Yes, it should function well, and protect us from the wide world and destructive gusts of wind. But it should also make a statement and set the tone for what’s to come inside. I look at our front door and the space around it as an opportunity to give a visitor a “first impression” of our style, and that always includes an invitation to feel welcome.

During the holiday season, I give my porch and front door an extra dose of decorating oomph. Especially this year, when our typical holiday get-togethers are on pause, my goal is to present our family, and any passersby a visual statement that shouts, “We are JOYFUL! And Merry Christmas!” the same way that Santa does when his sleigh swoops through the neighborhood to deliver treasures for well-behaved girls and boys.

Recent Christmases have prompted the community of creatives to think outside of the box when it came to choosing holiday palettes. I jumped on that wave, too. And for last year’s scheme, I used pink-and-green and even some bold black-and-white buffalo check. This year I’m feeling especially nostalgic and am yearning all things that I know to be classic. Therefore, I harkened back to tried and true colors that have always been a part of the holiday vocabulary: Red and green.



Nature makes incorporating green an easy endeavor. I border our frosted glass door with swags of fresh cedar and add more greens on a column bearing strands of twinkling lights. Zinc-like planters with a classic molding detail, are filled with the season’s conventional go-to’s and winter berries that pop against the patterned tile. For interior spaces, pattens work well in color, but for the exterior front elevation, simple neutrals support a timeless palette. The good news is that the tonal motif of the black and gray tile allows me to build upon the pattern and texture by introducing bold-colored cushions and plantings.  I also added a fresh wreath on an expanse of painted brick. This one was handmade by Wildflower and is adorned with my own monogrammed bow made by Modern Monogramming.



A lovely winter day is one that is mild enough to briefly catch a breath of fresh air outside on our Chippendale bench. Today was that day. A clear sky and bright sunshine beamed a warm-for-December temperature on us and allowed comfort to come with only a light jacket. I topped the bench with a joyful, red-and-white geometric fabric from Schumacher that’s made for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Matching pillows are contrasted with ones made in a fig leaf pattern from Peter Dunham Textiles.



Stepping inside of the front door, I continue festive decorating with a welcoming vignette. Like a little black dress waiting to be embellished with the final touch of accessories, the black wall in my entry foyer is always at the ready to be jazzed up. It serves as the backdrop for a trio of design superstars. A colorful piece of artwork from Liz Lidgett Gallery punctuates the wall. It hangs above a shapely mother of pearl console table and a biscuit tufted bench that is covered in black-and-white fabric. Golden moments of reindeer and packages wrapped to support my scheme, let my guests know that they don’t have to look hard to discover aesthetic surprises.

The front door is one symbol of a relationship’s beginning. When it opens, I know that the gesture of a hug, handshake (or elbow bump) is to come. And after that, hopefully years of memory making.  As we are soon to embark on a new year, I hope you’ll continue to join me inside of my front door for many more moments of design, entertaining, and life made beautiful.