Golf courses are admired for their perfectly manicured landscapes of idyllic rolling hills and the pesky trees, sand traps, and fescue that add a level of complexity to its game. But players and fans alike can’t help but be inspired from a color perspective by both the grounds and the gear that are used to drive style from greens to clubhouse. As I’ve swung my own clubs, I can’t help but pay attention to all the fun colors that I see and imagine them as a wonderful interior space.

I, along with every other player, anxiously await a 72-degree sunny afternoon when I can delight in the pristine green grounds as they meet a cloudless blue sky. That combination is one of my palette staples. For this mood board, I incorporated those two colors in a residential room that I envision as a chic family room, where guests can relax and socialize while talking about the work week and taking in a game or tournament on tv.

The plaid wallpaper intersects a variety of greens, and is a fresh reference to Scotland, where golf first made its debut. Old school doesn’t mean old and stuffy. This green plaid is in a current and fresh hue. Blue-and-white houndstooth fabric is an ideal covering for an oversized wing chair given a contrasting pattern with a fringed, blue-plaid throw.

I’d be sure to install a bar, built-in handsome wood tones, and balanced by a sofa that wears a comfortable tweed textile in the same tone as the wood. A coordinating wallpaper might introduce pattern to the ceiling, while bright wicker accessories, a tray perhaps with leather handles, would add a fashionable punch the same way that the brightest gold apparel makes its way to the game.

Color inspiration is all around you, and in this case, I took cues from one of my family’s favorite hobbies. Whether you are an avid player or a fan who likes to sit back and watch the pros, pick a color that you see on the golf course. I promise in its brightest form, it’s bound to make a statement.