Mothers do it all. While Mothers have always done a lot, Mother’s Day feels especially poignant this year. Many of us are separated from our own moms, and many older moms are not able to see their adult children or grandchildren on Mother’s Day. In a different phase of life, mothers still raising children are literally home with kids and are responsible for a host of additional jobs including schooling, entertaining, and extra cooking—often while still working from home.

We have always played the roles of teacher, nurse, therapist, chef, chauffeur, leader, referee, and so much more for our children. We’re chameleons who adapt accordingly. It’s the joy and occasional frustration that we manage proudly while wearing the badge of mom.

The past two months have turned our routines upside down. Canceled events have erased the kick of adrenaline we usually get from the planning and anticipation of them. I, for one, was so excited to celebrate my son’s high school graduation with a themed backyard party. In my mind, I had planned every color, pattern, and visual element. And I have no doubt that we will have that celebration…someday.

Then there is homeschooling. So many moms—channeling their interior organization and design skills whether it’s their profession or not— have whipped dining spaces into well-ordered classrooms. They follow teacher lessons (or create lessons) that vary from subject to subject and grade level to grade level. My two sons are well beyond learning to read. They are on Zoom classes all morning and managing a homework load all afternoon. Thank goodness. I am not sure at this point in life I could pull off helping with high school math or chemistry.

In our house, my boys have been away on Mother’s Day for the past few years. But when they were younger, they always took me to brunch, brought me little gifts, and made me feel loved and appreciated.

Two years ago, when George was 14 with a brand-new driver’s permit, he secretly made a reservation and drove me to a favorite spot for a surprise brunch. I also will never forget the Mother’s Day when I woke up to new golf clubs on the bed next to me. I think their dad had a hand in making that happen.

When we were growing up, we always brought my mom breakfast in bed with flowers and homemade cards. This year I have been shopping online to find useful and fun treats for my mom who has been quarantining in Florida for the past three months.

At this point, we’re all hoping we can treat our moms to brunch and deliver an arrangement of spring’s prettiest new blooms in person. But if we can’t, it’s the perfect year to lean on online shopping.

mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Some of you will choose a pampering gift. I think I speak for many moms and most women right now when I say my nails have seen better days. A set of polishes in soft spring colors are sure to give an instant facelift, or in this case, hand lift. To give Mom something to look forward to and the economy a little boost, add a gift card for a local nail salon.

Some of you might send a little bauble like a new necklace, a charming handbag, or a colorful and useful scarf. As the country reopens, Mom wants to catch up with her outside-of-the-house family and would probably love a little pick-me-up.

Moms always love to receive a gift for the home, especially when they have been there for months. Think about a welcoming platter, new cooking tools, or new plants for the garden. Even after weeks of quarantine, Mom wants to be at home with her family.

Happy Mother’s Day to all women in the role that matters most—Mom.