Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a playlist of love songs. There are more of them than we can count and now that the Christmas music has been put to bed for the next 11 months, it’s fun to think of the next festive occasion on the horizon. While sappy perhaps, the love songs get me every time. And admit it, they get to you, too.

For dinner with my true Valentine, Mike, we’ll rely on classic standards from the likes of Natalie Cole, Elton John, and Joni Mitchell. And even though we’ve been married for more than 21 years, there’s still something that warms my heart when I hear Train’s “Marry Me” or “Better Together” by Jack Johnson. For my luncheon with friends, we’ll listen to all of our girly favorites. We all miss Tom Petty, so an “American Girl” tribute will make the playlist along with a little Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, and Molly Sandén, because after all, we’re women supporting other women.

I am a big fan of wearing pink anyway, so it’s natural that I’ll jump on the opportunity to wear pink and hearts this Valentine’s Day. Since I’ll likely be hosting at home instead of out and about in a restaurant, my looks might be a little more casual, but they’ll be plenty festive. Dresses with ruffles and poufs are a perennial favorite, and on a holiday when I want to feel ultra-feminine, there’s no doubt that I will pull out the heart-shaped jewelry to accessorize. You’ve probably already caught on that I’m a devoted fan of Stubbs and Wooten bespoke slippers. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to sport a pink-and-red geometric needlepoint pair that are pretty, preppy, and say, “I’m Yours.”

Keep in mind, there’s no reason to wait for a special meal to show off the sweetest pieces of your wardrobe. Think pink as you are about an about—sweeten your denim in a bright shade of blush, add a headband wrapped in a feminine fabric, and apply a powerful lip to show that you’re giddy for this day of affection.

On top of the cuteness from music and heart-laden style, it’s important to me that I show my affection for my guests with tasty food. Keeping in mind the health consciousness of the girls, I’ll order poke bowls from The Poke Company. If poke bowls are not readily available to you, a sushi platter is a great substitute and will look super chic with the artful display that sushi is known for. For dessert, we’ll throw any thoughts of low-calorie out the door as we stab our forks into a darling cake from the local custom order Brookies Bakery or the red velvet cake from mail order company Goldbelly.

For my dinner with Mike, I’ll prepare something a bit heartier. Coq au vin warms the soul and the stomach, all while delivering classic French cuisine. Another idea is a lemon and herb salmon. It’s pink and elevates the Valentine’s Day theme. Strawberries dipped in chocolate and Linzer cookies provide a sweet opportunity to stir red into the scheme.

Whether it comes from candy, jewelry, a sentimental love song, or a dessert destined to satisfy the sweet tooth, remember, for Valentine’s Day, all you need is love. XO