There are two schools of thought when it comes to designing rooms that are laden with windows. Choose decoration that you love and reference the outdoors or have your design take a backseat to the exterior so you can enjoy what’s beyond the windows. I like a hybrid of the two, and in my own sunroom created a space that shows its personality without overshadowing what’s outside.

Here are my tips for a sunroom that’s smiles with sunshine and style.

Bring nature’s texture inside.

There is texture everywhere outside from the smooth blue sky to the nubby bark on the tree to the uniform wood fence. I chose a woven seagrass chair that’s anything but rough around the edges. Its tailored frame is a comfortable spot to perch. I also topped a table lamp with a natural burlap shade for balance.

Think of neutral as now.

There’s always a current neutral on the design scene. Right now, I’m feeling a return to warm tones such as sand, butterscotch, and camel. I’m not sure that it ever went away, but this classic saturates my sunroom. It shows up on patterned stools, a throw blanket, toss pillows, and even the rug. A slightly light hue covers my walls. The point is neutrals can be impactful colors in the same way that an intense red or vibrant turquoise can be.



Add something whimsical.

A sunroom is a space to kick your feet up and relax, so not everything should be so serious. Here, my dog Parker perks up in a pagoda-style dog bed with a black-and-ivory, star-patterned cushion. I topped the wheat-striped wallpaper with a mirror in a curvy, joyful shape. Gold leaves grow from the top of a tole lantern ceiling fixture. This is a sunroom and an opportunity to go off the beaten path. Sunlight usually results in happiness and so should the decorations that invite the natural light in.

Add something live (or something that used to be).

The best tie-in to the great outdoors is with something living. In this case, I relied on house plants and a topiary to serve as decorative accessories. The best part? They pop in accent color, too, and who can argue with green in a sunroom? Meanwhile, my cocktail table turns ash wood into a piece of sculpture, with its grain highlighted in gold that contrasts the ivory ground.



Cushion for comfort.

Natural materials such as jute, seagrass, raffia, and wicker aren’t known for their tactile softness. So when you use those materials, make sure to add fluffy and comfy moments. A pair of stools in an ikat print fabric offer a place to sit if the armchairs and the restful sofa are in use. An antelope patterned rug has a low pile and is soft and smooth underfoot. Throw pillows on the sofa are another opportunity for texture and pattern, the solid ones are Ultrasuede and the medium scale print adds interest.

Sunrooms just might be one of the most popular spaces since their purpose is basking in whatever the weather has in store. Whether that means watching your dog frolic around the yard in the height of summer or following a red cardinal that is jumping between branches during a winter snow, make the sunroom a place you want to be.