When speaking of classics, it seems like anything that comes from nature should be one. But to me, there’s something timeless about an orchid. And although its petals may be delicate, there’s nothing dainty about its presence. Orchids are confident and command attention. That is why they have been a longtime staple in my interiors. As a lover of the tropics where one sees orchids popping out of trees and thriving in the humidity and warmth, I love to bring orchids inside especially during the cold months when the landscape is bare. This tropical plant with delicate flowers is readily available anywhere from Trader Joe’s to your local florist. An orchid adds a bit of luxury to any room and lasts significantly longer than a fresh flower arrangement.

I equate an orchid to a good friend that I’ve invited to be a guest in my home. It stays a while, it’s a pleasure to have around, and then at some point, its visit ends. Orchids are so reliable and come with longevity, so I always consider them a joyful addition to interior spaces. If you’ve never really examined the perks of these towering beauties, I’m listing a few here.



Orchids deliver nature.

Houseplants sit at the top of the accessories trend circuit in 2021 interiors. Sometimes though, too many verdant ferns and philodendrons cause the interior scheme to feel more like a rainforest so an orchid is a more refined option. It will supply just enough of nature’s eye candy to make a space fresh and mindful of its outdoor surroundings.



Orchids deliver color and crisp white options.

It’s a toss-up. As someone who loves pink and all variations of it, I’m especially drawn to magentas and purples like the orchid that rests on my curvy console table above. On the flip side, sometimes my mood triggers me to choose the cheerful yellow oncidium that reads as happy as the sunshine that helped create it. There is something regal about an arrangement of white phalaenopsis orchids flowing from a large bowl or planter.



Orchids deliver sculpture.

Every room needs objects with shape and irregular movement. All orchids are a natural engineering feat. In the case of the one that accents my living room, pencil-thin stems that stand sturdily with the support of bamboo rods, blossom into exotic grandeur. Other times, tiny delicate blooms cover stems from top to bottom. Either way, orchids are sculptural, not so different from a bronze that would rise with stately abstract majesty in a museum.

Orchids are nothing like the go-to hydrangea that’s become so popular due to their ability to efficiently fill a vase. Orchids have no sweet fragrance like that of roses that are freshly cut from a garden. But their simple beauty is unmatched. As they sit in a basket-style planter or one that celebrates minimalism in a modern ceramic form, orchids are special. Unlikely to be grown on their own, there’s something magical in bringing this tropical flowering looker into your home. And remember, there’s no need to water every day.