Design comes in all styles, and the same can be true for the aesthetics that blissfully fall on Christmastime. Some Christmas decorations are elegant in all white, not only referencing the blessed holiday but the sparkling snow that blankets a winter scape. Other decorations sparkle in metallics, emphasizing the dazzle, bling, and lights that accompany the season’s most festive gatherings.



At our home in the Catskills, I opt for decorations that trumpet the hallmarks of traditional Christmas lore: tartan plaids, jovial cut-out cookies, and winter greens. Then I inject my personal style. Along with the help of my partnership with Mark & Graham, I’m thrilled how my holiday design, specifically our dinner table, will sing with joy.



The springboard for this table is a classic holiday-toned tartan. This spirited pattern has been a staple during Christmas for decades, especially for those of us who are drawn to the aesthetic that has endured for many generations. Plaid is having a resurgence, and is now showing up in fashion and all throughout the house. A table runner and coordinating cloth napkins bear our initials in a discrete monogram. Consider presenting Christmas linens like these to the sister who has everything, or to the friend whose holiday open house you will be visiting. It’s an ideal hostess gift, indeed.



The plaid was the base for a multitude of layers to come. Wicker placemats anchor dinner plates in a whimsical pattern of multi-colored dots. Silver julep cups of winter greens and berries get the sparkle going. It also bounces off of green wine glasses and mercury glass candles aglow with the flicker of candlelight. Just as I add a fun topper to a gift, my dinner plates are adorned with two: A tree or star-shaped ornament wrapped in twine, or a bear-shaped sugar cookie with names to note who sits where. Unexpected bamboo makes its appearance on the flatware.



Since there’s nothing more personal than a monogram, Mark & Graham comes in handy to create a gift that’s customized for that special someone. An engraved silver wine caddy is a no-brainer to accompany a bottle of wine for the enthusiast. And when the proverbial luxury candle is what you give, make sure it’s lit with matches that show off the family initials. For the family who spends holidays in the mountains, gift a set of napkins that depicts a skier. For extra Christmas love, put them in a basket with treats, nuts, and beautiful Bartlett pears.

There are so many components to celebrate Christmas, and the tables that I set for festive dinners rank high on my holiday priority list. Make sure your table or the ones that your friends set get an extra boost of style with patterns and personalization.