Significant and welcoming, the front door is not just the primary entrance to most homes, it’s also a symbol of hospitality and an architectural element that sets the tone for the interior. At our front door, we gather packages, greet trick or treaters, and welcome friends when we entertain. This threshold takes on even more importance during the holidays as our families and guests bustle in through greenery-adorned front doors into the warmth of our home. No matter how big or small a front door may be, it welcomes. Whether it’s bursting open to greet my boys coming home during a long school break or welcoming friends in for dinner, it’s the first impression one gets when arriving at the house.

When the air bears its frigid chill, it’s easy to ignore outdoor spaces and focus on interiors where warmth is a key to the comfort factor. But I always make sure to give a healthy dose of attention to my front door and its surroundings. So do my friends at Mark & Graham, who produce wonderful adornments that belong at the door with me as I swing it open and summon friends to join me inside (for hot chocolate or something a little stronger, no doubt.).

Wreaths aside, there are other ways to use the front door to welcome. Since this is the season for gifting, greet whoever is about to cross this threshold with a little something. Here, I have canvas totes awaiting my boys’ arrivals with goodies that are destined to make their holiday stay comfortable and warm (Henry and George, in the unlikely case that you are reading this post, I’m not going to unveil what’s in the totes. You’ll have to come home to us to find out. And we can’t wait!). With oversized letters in tartan plaid, these totes kick off the season.

At my house, I almost never answer the door alone. Sometimes Mike is by my side but usually, our doggies, Minnie and Parker, are enthusiastically joining me for greetings. Their time outside in the cooler weather is much more enjoyable (and adorable) with their own monogrammed sweaters from Mark & Graham.

The front door is one that we oftentimes neglect when the calendar isn’t counting the days until Christmas. We tend to let it go bare throughout the rest of the year, then embellish it with a wreath come November. Just remember, no matter the time of year, your front door could be dressed with a doormat and something green or flowering to flank it. This is a and way to let your visitors know that your home is filled with hospitality and joy.