Over the past several months, you’ve read about those things that I consider to be classics in my personal world of design and style. Everything that I’ve written about from an English arm sofa and chinoiserie to a charm bracelet and my own mother, Nancy, represents what I love, and as a designer, what shapes my style.

When it’s time to start thinking about holiday gifting, I turn to classics again, but this time, as gestures for my loved ones instead of for myself or my projects. Granted, I’m likely not wrapping a sofa or a vintage Mercedes this year. But I do consider what’s on my list as go-to’s. After all, the reason they are classics to begin with is their timelessness. They are as on-trend now as they were 10, 25, and in some cases, 50 years ago. They offer fresh design in their newest forms but are beloved for their vintage examples as well.

As I look in Mike and my closets, I see a collection of Stubbs & Wootton slippers. I know that he treasures the soft shoes as much as I do, and so there’s a chance that he’ll find a new monogrammed style under the tree.

I wrote about design books a while back, and for my design-minded comrades, I know that I’ll be wrapping a copy of Rattan: A World of Elegance and Charm for someone.

As a hostess gift and for my good friends, I am giving an assortment of vintage-inspired and silver-plated, Queen Ann-style vases from my shop.

As you can see, except for the new iPhones and car accessories that have my boys leaping even further ahead of me in the technology game, what I love to give are classics. Put monograms, chinoiserie, and good reads aside and there is nothing more classic than love.

Let the holidays begin! Cheers.