There are so many ways to display love to all of the mother figures out there. I don’t know anyone whose day isn’t sweetened by a bundle of flowers and a hand-written note (the ones that my boys scripted in their early elementary years still stand as my all-time favorites).

But the one way to have those who are your dearest close to you at all times is with a piece of jewelry. While jewelry is beautiful and reflects the taste and style of its wearer, when given with love by family, the sentimental value outranks any aesthetic allure. On most days, I wear an engraved monogrammed gold disk charm, that Mike gave to me for one of our single-digit wedding anniversaries a long time ago. I also love to wear a gold clover charm that belonged to my grandmother and is engraved with the names of her family on it. I then had our family’s names engraved on the other side. I recently found passion in a collection of semi-precious stone hearts from Addison Weeks like the one that I’m wearing here, along with other beauties that are sure to make that special woman in your life feel loved. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there.

I love the search for new pieces to offer in my shop. Hearts from Addison Weeks suggest love with a bold presence. Trendy, classic, and green all at the same time are upcycled designer buttons, fashioned into pendants and used to adorn chain bracelets. Vintage Chanel buttons are an ideal choice for the fashionable in your life. These pieces are from local talent, Mills Designs. Pearls and pretty stones are always welcome. An initial pendant in faux pearls makes a statement that’s not as dainty as conventional strands.

You know that I love color. And you know that I love gold. Put them together, and beautiful jewelry emerges, especially when it comes from Love Thy Rival. This jewelry maker’s distinct color combinations look like they were inspired by those multi-colored textiles that I use regularly to make my projects come alive. Opal set into an updated signet ring, tourmaline and pink magna that meld into an ombre effect with a similar color combination on a heart pendant, tourmaline and ruby that give color to cuffs, and a rainbow of stones that circle a pendant sweeten the mood of gold.

So many of my friendships are with talents who love to be as creative as much as I do. One friend is Julia Ballentine. I introduced you to her on this blog back in October. She is the founder of Julia Ballentine Jewelry, where she sells all sorts of sparkly things. I especially love her collection of gold. It makes the skin glow and is timeless. From whimsical charms and cuffs with a sculptural form to classics that await engraving, Julia is a go-to for a treasure that will be adored forever.

Foundrae is another jeweler that has a deeper meaning than just the beauty of the piece and is definitely on my wish list. I’m always a fan of personalization, so I’m especially attracted to a necklace with charms suited to zodiac signs, bracelets that note a date with numbers, and bracelets and necklaces with charms—an old-fashioned jewelry form that has risen to popularity with an updated and fresh look. Of course, when the basics include some diamonds….I’m in!

Mother’s Day is about celebrating beautiful, supportive, loving women. Gifting a piece of jewelry that’s a pleasure to wear makes the day and years to come memorable and more special.