Even on weekends, it’s rare for me to linger in bed after I wake. I am up and downstairs for coffee and planning my day pretty quickly. So on the rare occasion that my family surprises me with breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day or on my birthday that happens a few weeks later, I welcome the luxurious opportunity to lounge in bed and take in the wonderful treats that they’ve spoiled me with. One Mother’s Day a few years back, I woke to a new set of golf clubs lying next to me in bed. That was accompanied by a pile-up of my squealing children who delighted in their surprise for me.

While planning this post, I considered beautiful tables set for brunch to celebrate all of the mother figures out there, and then it occurred to me that that ultimate treat after car rides to activities, college visits, and loans for pizza and gas money, what moms really want is breakfast in bed. Here, I’m sharing three ideas with you for a presentation that’s sure to convey love.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Moms and motherly women out there.

Wonderfully Wicker

Mother’s Day comes at that time of year when wicker feels especially relevant. What better way to serve breakfast than on a wicker tray? I topped this one with a small topiary tree, hinting perhaps, at new flowering trees that are being gifted to mom to grace her yard with beauty. Mismatched ceramics—a floral dessert plate and a happy-and-snappy polka-dotted teacup—and an apple-green napkin trimmed in stripes, inject a colorful jolt onto the natural, honey tones of the tray. Macarons and tea offer a sweet and aromatic nibble before the day begins.



Think Pink (and green)

I know that I’m not the only mom out there who is smitten by the sweetness of pink. And when it’s paired with green, it feels seasonally fresh and cheerful. For this setting, I found a faux-crock white tray with bamboo handles that boasts a simplicity to highlight spring’s energized color combination. A pink-and-ivory napkin in an imperfect grid gives order against the modern marbleized pattern that colors the porcelain. A tall juice glass shows off the almost neon chartreuse green that shows up on trees as buds make their first appearance. Daisies in a silver vase are beautifully basic, with sentiment coming from a hand-written card.



Golden glow

I use this brass-like plated gold tray for everything from styling console table to serving cocktails, but it looks especially regal styled here for a special mom’s breakfast in bed. I placed a piece of floral fabric to fit on the inside of the tray to act springy placemat. Not only does it take away some of the tray’s shininess, but it also adds a wonderful garden of color that speaks the same language as the antique Spode creamer and gold-edge scalloped plates. Crystal makes an appearance and adds a fragrant moment with pink roses. A gold firefly object and child-created sign make mom know this day is for her.