It’s funny that a room with the name “mud” in its title has become so elevated and necessary. I’ve come to realize that while the beauty part of design might be the most coveted for its colors and patterns, the aesthetic strategies that address function spark excitement, too. I designed this mudroom for a young family. They wanted it to have the same level of design attention that I put into the other parts of their home. They love blues and greens, and the rest of the house uses versions of these colors. I didn’t want to stray far from the hues of the home so I picked a fresh, energetic blue palette, and created a space that was both joyful and hardworking. As you think about your own mudroom, here are some ideas to ease your day-to-day activities.

Identify the Room’s Functions.

This space had several functional goals. Positioned directly off the garage, this space is needed to house the washer, dryer, and utility sink, provide surfaces to cut flowers and feed the dogs, and stow all the odds and ends that make life operate a little more smoothly.

Don’t Forget Furry Friends.

Family pets deserve a stylish place for their must-haves, too. Here we carved out a spot where the dog could easily lap up a drink of fresh water that pours out of the spout and into the installed dog bowl.



Pick Design Statements.

Mudrooms are workhorse spaces and they are often dirty. I don’t suggest an all-white mudroom. This space is an opportunity to flex your palette muscles with a welcoming and forgiving color that is saturated enough to have a bit of personality. Here, I selected a classic, French blue for the cabinets. It enhances the graphic cement tile that stretches across the floor. On that note, it’s not likely that there will be swathes of fabric over the windows. So use the floor as your opportunity for pattern. Feel free to use a bold pattern, that is daring and hides a multitude of messes between cleanings.



Add Moments of “Pretty.”

A mudroom has a lot of hard surfaces and angles. Why not make them stylish with attractive hardware? On these cabinets and drawers, I brought in a bit of glamour with brushed brass pulls that add warmth and a subtle glow.

Create Organization.

The mudroom will house towels, laundry detergent, and other cleaning agents and supplies, and all those little knick-knacks such as keys, pens, chargers, scissors, and the random golf ball and tee that never made its way back into the bag. Outfit drawers with dividers and inserts so that everything is visible and separated.



Build a Seating Area.

Mudrooms are the perfect place to slip on your shoes, grab a bag, and a jacket if the temperature warrants one. I love to include a cushioned seat adorned with a few pillows to soften the edges and add a bit of pattern and softness. Under the seat, baskets corral bike helmets, beach towels, and flips flops in the summer, and in the winter, gloves, hats, and scarves. Hooks on the wall are a spot to hang bags and everyday jackets.

Mudrooms are a reason to get excited. They are not only spaces that send you off to your garage with a smile, but with a little thoughtful planning, their contents really can make life easier. So as you think about your mudroom, consider these concepts, and you will have a great looking space that also functions to your needs.