The old saying tells us to dress for success. That’s an easy task to achieve when the closet that greets us each morning is already dressed for success. This space is one that almost no visitors ever see, but it’s one that is a worthwhile investment for personal enjoyment and ease of use.

For this primary bedroom closet, I wanted to create a space that was chic and elegant yet functional. When designing a closet, the contents are the main event, and showcasing fashionable and functional pieces comes first. And I have some tips that I’m thrilled to share with you. Once you rethink and redo your closet, it will be so stylish and functional that you will be excited to dress in the room each morning and linger while changing for an evening out.

Mirror, Mirror.

One of the closet must-haves is a mirror and it should be full length. In this closet, I applied mirrors in two spaces. The first comes on the cabinets. It’s where the owners of this home can see themselves at once. I also added a mirror to the wall in the built-in dresser niche. It’s the perfect spot to put on jewelry and check make-up and hair once last time.

Sculptural Lighting.

There are times for simple lighting and a time for drama. This closet prompted drama. The beaded fixture nods to the feminine side of the equation including the jewelry nearby. With a hint of gold, it lends a bit of glamour. Wall sconces are more refined, but add a bit of glam, too, hinting that the homeowners love an opportunity to get dressed up.



Chic Organization.

Just like colors, patterns, and lighting require layering in the world of design, so does organization. Open shelves, concealed shelves, drawers, bins, boxes, and hanging space—you’ll need them all. It’s important to examine the garments, footwear, and accessories that need to be stored so you know what types of organization are most useful. Brass rods on angled shoe shelves keep all styles from slipping. Open shelving puts the chic handbags on display and allows a place for sweaters to be folded. Drawers keep undergarments and gym clothes out of sight.

Island Escape.

The most functional kitchens consist of an island centered whenever possible to be used as a workspace. The same idea is true in a walk-in closet. An island is an ideal place for a sizable tray where accessories can be corralled for different outfits. I highlighted the island here, by painting it in a dreamy French blue to match the ceiling wallpaper.



Ceiling Sensation.

When I designed this closet, I knew that I wanted it to have a signature moment. I didn’t want it to compete with the clothing and accessories that are the main event though, so I created its wow factor on the ceiling. I found an organic, blue-and-white printed grasscloth wallcovering that was applied to the space. It informs the closet’s palette and introduces a decorative attitude that doesn’t stop at basic. If you are thinking that you’d like wallpaper on the ceiling of your own closet, I suggest going bold with a statement pattern that is invigorating. Remember, this isn’t the space where you hang out all day. It’s a space that can aim to be positive, confident, and a bit daring. Any sort of pattern whether bold or quiet will add a decorative element that elevates the space from functional to elegant.

Create a place that makes what you wear special. Because what you wear is special. Not everyone will see your well-designed closet. But when they see you, they’ll know that your look was inspired by beauty.