Each year in March, we anticipate the arrival of spring and the rebirth of a verdant landscape that rests against azure blue skies. A balmy forecast comes in slowly with crisp nights and temperate days. Its gradual warmth is interspersed with uninvited cold weather that pops back to remind us that spring is not officially in the books quite yet. But the seasonally revived grass and Lilly of the Valley that peaks their heads through the thawed earth feels like a clean fresh start.

It’s no secret that the colors of Easter eggs—lightly saturated pinks, greens, blues, and yellows—are prevalent in both my interior design schemes and my wardrobe. I love a colorful floral dress as much as a bright floral print on upholstery. While Easter is the holiest day of the year for Christians around the world, it has taken on another meaning: The beginning of the seasons of birth, life, and growth. Happy colors symbolize the natural tones of the Easter Season.

Here, my latest mood board is packed with color all from one area of the color wheel. I have distilled the classic pastel Easter rainbow into a palette of spring tones that are cool and alive. Varying shades of blue and green lay on a crisp white background. The colors that dominate this scheme can be translated into an inviting sunroom or screen porch that’s complete with colorful wicker and bright florals. In order to keep the color well-distributed, choose paler versions of the saturated ones for larger furniture pieces. Here, I suggest a soft coastal blue or neutral white for the sofa and coffee table. Then I sprinkle lime greens and sea blue as punchy accents such as the juicy apple green lamp and throw pillow. I love this turquoise wicker peacock chair as a bright and whimsical accent and the shelves with a swath of color framing a collection of books and objects.

Spring color will be all around us soon, but an Easter palette can keep your home alive and cheerful all year long.